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Flying in Class C airspace under a shelf

Mar 7, 2014
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I am a licensed pilot with an Inspire 1. I have been asked to fly in class C airspace, in an area clearly marked on the aeronautical chart as having a shelf starting at $1,500 feet on up.. The location is well away from "from the surface to ....." MSL. So under FAA regs, I can clearly fly in this location, BUT I am worried that once I get to the location, my bird will not take off because of DJI programming that detects I am within class C airspace and close to the 5 mile area around an airport. How can I check this out before driving to the location and what action can I take if there is a programming restriction?
If you are under the shelf, and not in another overlapping Class D,E...you are good to go as far as the FAA is concerned. Your I1 should fire up.
Are you referring to KBTV? It is good to see that you are reading your sectionals. Look on airmap.io and turn on class C. Notice in airmap the SFC ring is shown. Normally outside that 5 NM ring you should be good, however you may still have a problem... In airmap.io turn on Class E and see that it starts at SFC. If you look on your sectional it is there too, just not so obvious. Since KBTV's class E starts at SFC, if you are inside that, you may need a COA. However if you look at the Sectional Supplement for KBTV the class E airspace may only be in effect during certain times and you are good again. This stuff can get complicated, laugh.

Watch for those SFC class E airspaces up there. Lots of them even around class D airports. The SFC ones around airports are usually to give more space for instrument approaches when towers are closed.

*I am not an FAA aviation authority and anything I say may be complete garbage and should be confirmed by the PIC.
Pretty sure you can go into settings and disable. But I live in a class B surface volume and after calling for permission, am able to launch my I1-2.0 without any problems. I haven't disabled anything that I remember.

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