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Focus Calibration comes back blurry every time, even with different lenses.

Jan 20, 2016
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Ok, so I have 2 Inspire 1 Pros and I recently invested in an Inspire 2 with the X5s camera. I've been having some trouble getting the best results from it so far. When I used tap to focus out of the box I didn't think it was sharp with the 15mm lens so I tried to do a focus calibrations. On the Inspire 1 Pro this works first time every time and gives a sharp result - i've never had focus issues on my Inspire 1 Pros. On the Inspire 2 the focus hunts for a second during calibration and then "beeps" to say it has finished but the screen will be completely blurry. I have tried this repeatedly with the 12mm, 15mm and 25mm primes and the result is the same. I use a high contrast object in the distance (past the hyperlocal length of the lens) and use apertures that should make this easy (f5.6-f10).

I can exit the calibration and tap to focus again but I'm not conivnced that I'm getting the results I'm after.

I'd really like to see the X5s be a step up from the X5 but this basic failure is very frustrating and limiting. Can anyone lend some good advice?
Focus calibration has no effect if you're using autofocus, it doesn't 'calibrate' focus to be more or less sharp. It's purely there for manual focus and is only used to store a focus position value for 'infinity' - when you enable manual focus there's a scroll box appears for focusing with and there are two icons on it, one for near and one for far focus... calibration simply sets a value for the lens to rack focus to for when you tap the far focus icon.
There is a thread somewhere about the focus and the 45mm calibration.
It does seem to affect the auto focus also. Seems to set the infinite point.
If not set for the correct distance, the autofocus will reach it max and not focus properly. I have experienced this.
I ended up calibrating on a table with a good line of sight to focus and calibrate.
Took a couple tries but ended up with a really sharp image.
Never had issues after that, but never calibrated again either.
FYI: The Inspire 2 initially will not let you enter the manual focus mode until you calibrate the lens once.

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