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FPV Camera still not working after replacement - Same frozen / black screen issue

Jan 7, 2014
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Hey all -

I recently replaced my nonfunctioning FPV camera on my Inspire 2, as the image would freeze upon initiation or just display no/black image. Well, replacing that component with a brand new camera from Drone Nerds didn't change the issue at all. I have inspected the pins very closely, as I thought perhaps the issue is with the connection, but it doesn't appear to be there.

Has anyone else seen this issue? Was there a simple fix... perhaps somewhere in the 1.1.2 hidden menu (I've had access to that for a long time - no, I haven't changed any parameters in there at all), or is it likely just the encoder chip that has failed?

I'm curious on the latter, being that it seems the image that freezes is lagged by several minutes... ie, When initializing the FPV video will show for 0.25 seconds, but the image displayed is old, not what the sensor should be seeing at the time of start-up. I wonder if there's a caching issue... and perhaps a way to clear the FPV video cache by itself?

I sure do wish Ed and BladeStrike were still around on RCG to help out with these niche issues :(

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