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FPV Goggles

Okay my next addition to my toys is some FPV goggles.

Anyone got recommendations as to what are the best ones and any links to them.


Hey Ned !!
Welcome to inspirepilots.com. ....
These seem to be the ticket right now..
If you like dominator HD I have a set I'll sell you..
looks like there's some new goggles coming out in the near future so maybe check into that ,but for 250 usd it seems like a cheep investment ..
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Hey Ned ...welcome to inspirepilots.com. .
I'm having some issues at the moment. .
I tried to post a link here but I'm having problems. .
check out Headplay.com ..
or search the site for Headplay and goggles. .
happy flying. .
turbo. ...
Ya man. ...
Also the dominator HDs. .
If you're interested in the dominators my brother is selling his for 475.00usd with the diopters. .the dominators work well for some people depending on your head to nose ratio. .lol. .:confused:
the sonys are twice as much money but perform quite a bit better he says...but again it's a nose to head ratio thing..
my brother has the sonys and likes them much better than the HDs so he's willing to sell ..
Thats why the Headplays are looking like the ticket per dollar..
It's an open screen so its like having your head in a mini movie theater ..
sirnikolas can explain it better. .
I sold my dominators and have a pair on order. .
only 250 usd.
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I love my Zeiss Cinemizers! Never used the Sony, but the Zeiss is HD picture and in sunlight they are pitch black inside with the optional piece for like $39 bucks.
Don't mean to hijack the thread, but has anyone using FPV goggles noticed a problem where, with the HDMI output, you don't consistently get a distance from home (shown as D:) on the bottom of the screen? It shows sometimes as a non-zero value and 0.0 at other times.
I recommend HEADPLAY.


Only $250
72 degrees field of view
7" HD 1280 x 800 screen with 2 lenses (no separate screens like the below)
They can be used even with glasses
etc etc

Zeiss $779.95 - Zeiss no longer sell them. Discontinued last year.
30 degrees field of view
870 x 500 per display (your eyes need to bring the images together)
etc etc

Sony HMZ-T3W $$750
45 degrees field of view
1280 x 720 - It's not stated if that's per eye (your eyes need to bring the images together)
etc etc

It's a no brainer ;)
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Okay my next addition to my toys is some FPV goggles.

Anyone got recommendations as to what are the best ones and any links to them.



Hi Ned, I have the cinimizers and my neighbors and clients think they are AMAZING.
Unfortunately I were glasses, so they are a no go for me, (I tried). I may end up just selling them as they are like new with the plastic still covering the lenses. If you don't were glasses, grab a set now because they are discontinued and becoming hard to find.
Just found this thread regarding the Headplay goggles;) so sorry for jumping in on it. (Didn't want to start a new thread)

So you guys recommend these then? Are they plug & play? What needs to be setup to get them to work with the inspire?

Also do you see everything on theses that you see in the Go app?

Sorry for all the questions but I know I'm asking the right people;)

I've also been looking at these Total 3D Solutions - ZEISS Business Partner You can slide your iPhone into it for an FPV view & not a bad price;)
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The headplay goggles work great with the Inspire... Been using mine for months now. Just get a mini hdmi cable plug it into the remote and the goggles. Turn on the OSD option in the DJI GO app and enjoy. Great price, works wonderfully, highly recommended way to fly!
Yep I've noticed the Headplay gear has good right ups so that's all I need to connect them is a mini hdmi cable.

What's your thoughts on the other goggles in my last post?
Best buy so far...if you can get one of those. ...delivery is slow and available only at few retailer's . pro's: easy plug and play, great inmersion, good to "goggles user", can switch off screen or app in android and avoid lag/collapse/reboot, cheapest solution.

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