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Freeway at night

Haha, I feel like you may be doing this on purpose. You posted the above the clouds video last time and heard the reactions. I guess you have the fact that they were close to empty on your side. I do like the look of the first 7 seconds though.
Actually it's not what you mean :)
This will be part of the film for the local tourist organization. Following weeks will bring a lot of tourists and the freeway will look completely different. Tonight was just right time for shooting few shots for the first part.

Apart of that it was interesting to me to make this short edit of "twin peaks" road :)
The video is nice,but for safety of those drivers below I would suggest to shoot from distance at the angle ,and definitely not flying over the highway ( first degree hazard) .
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I agree with Paul K. Great video BUT the Inspire glides like a brick. One component failure: Prop; ESC; motor; battery etc. and it will simply fall from the sky and we both know that even on an empty freeway it WILL hit the one and only car out there :oops: :D
Great footage. Although obeying the law as much as I want to do, I could never do it, sadly.
Did things like this though, but that was still in my 'playing days', not even thinking about becoming a RPAS-1 operator.

If I could get exemption from authorities do do this kind of shots....forget it, you won't get exemption to fly over a major highway, at night, in pitch dark, not in my country.

But I like it!

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