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Frustration with DJI: Their complete lack of communication

Jan 20, 2014
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I posted this on the DJI forum but don't expect it to last long, so thought I'd cross-post here. The number of threads that document the disgruntled customers that DJI is growing - but seem to be quickly deleted by DJI. Here are the reasons for my own frustration...

1) I am not worried about the delay in product launch. I understand that companies are eager to drum up support for their future products by releasing details early and this also helps stop the rumor mill (the Apple Watch is a good example). I ALSO understand that delays can occur in manufacturing - and yes, I would much rather have a working product than a pre-release beta version which has problems - especially when the product is something as critical as an aircraft.

2) My problem with DJI is their complete lack of communication and, at times, their apparent willingness to mislead...

a) There were precious few updates during the pre-order period. They have my money based on nothing but a promise, so as an investor I do feel a little entitled to be kept up to speed on what's going on as the terms of that promise change. (OK - not many updates on Apple Watch either, but the big difference is that they don't have my money and all they have promised is "Early 2015").

b) The product release has been / is being poorly handled. Orders appear to be shipping out randomly. Plenty of people who ordered after me have already received shipment notifications (and are starting to receive the product). Not only that, but DJI still can't tell me WHEN they might expect to ship my order. There's confusion over how they're shipping the dual controller version due to the delay in producing the second controller. There's confusion over the orders that were shipped and then updated with a delivery hold until Wednesday (but apparently still being delivered yesterday). Again, there is NO INFORMATION and the whole thing is shambolic. Once the product has got to market, the logistics of manufacturing, shipping and delivery should be transparent. All I want is a date! (Contrast your experiences with Apple or Amazon if you want an example of what is possible, and even expected.)

c) The small amount of information that DJI does release appears to be deliberately misleading. Until yesterday, they were still advertising that THIRD round orders will ship on 1/15 (but MAY be delayed!!). And now the site is advertising that 4th round orders shipping end of Jan. How can they offer ANY dates for future orders when the FIRST round orders are still not complete and with NO firm ship dates. And it seems that 1/15 is clearly unobtainable when customers have reported on this forum that they have been told by DJI that they should expect to wait until late January (and I think I read in one case, February) for orders that have already been placed.

So, again, in summary: it's not the waiting, it's the complete lack of communication from a company that has held over $3,000 of my money for almost 2 months. Either they honestly don't have any information about where I am in line and when my order might ship (which is unacceptable), OR they know but they don't want to tell me (which is equally unacceptable).

As others have stated in previous posts, this rant is born of frustration (and the fact that I have a day off so I have some time on my hands which I'd hoped would be spent flying my new toy). Perhaps once the thing does arrive, these grievances will be forgotten. But I must say, any future competitor with a half-decent product will get serious consideration from me - this experience has done nothing to foster any loyalty towards DJI .
What about the recently launched 24/7 support then? That's gotta be an improvement. What is your experience of using it? Not saying you don't have valid points of contention.

It seems like this is technical support for the lucky ones that have received their orders. I agree - this is a step in the right direction, but is yet to be proven. However, they have been of zero help to me in trying to get a better handle on when my order will ship. All I can get from any of their various "support" channels (email, online chat, facebook etc.) is: "we are shipping in order of payment" (which we know not to be true), "please be patient" (which is increasingly hard to do), and "We have many orders from all over the world, including China, so we cannot give you a specific shipping date".
You having ordered on November 15 and now seeing others getting theirs- I'd be upset too. It's not that other people are getting them. Great for them. But where's yours and where is the information about that. It's approaching 2 months. I understand your frustration. I hope things go well for you, and soon man.
They are a joke.. I totally understand everything you are saying. It has now become the norm for DJI to treat their patrons line crap and expect us to just hang on like the suckers that we are.

The only call I ever got from them was to authorise my payment for the second time due to the delay. That really shows their priorities..

When finally informed that my order was being shipped it hadn't been assigned an order number. It wasn't until I pestered them, with 3 messages, that I received the standard minimal correspondence, with a tacking number, over 24hrs later.

I am feeling very worried about the quality control that it has gone through if this is they way that they deal with the order process.
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I'd plan to file a class action against DJI LA for charging customers and failing to meet product delivery standards. If interested please email me info[at]findtheguides.com

One perk to them having centers in the US. Cheers!
You people are all accurately verbalizing the pathetic DJI customer service issues I have heard repeatedly for over a year now. I, for one, am holding off on buying anything from them. If they put half as much effort in satisfying customers as they do in deleting critical posts and otherwise defrauding customers with false promises and videos, they might gain some respect.

Little or no regard for customers. They are NOT the only show in town.
Tsk tsk boys. Watch what you say about DJI or you risk being branded XENOPHOBIC (racist). Im neither. Like you I cannot stand this cultural and awful burecratic bumbling from these people. Sorry if this was Gopro acting like this we would be marching on their headquarters. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. Enough said. Boycott DJI
Tsk tsk boys. Watch what you say about DJI or you risk being branded XENOPHOBIC (racist). Im neither. Like you I cannot stand this cultural and awful burecratic bumbling from these people. Sorry if this was Gopro acting like this we would be marching on their headquarters. Pathetic is the word that comes to mind. Enough said. Boycott DJI
Truth is always an affirmative defense, my friend. There is more than ample evidence that customer satisfaction is not anywhere near the top of DJI's priority list. Actually, a major DJI authorized rep is strongly discouraging me from buying ANYTHING from DJI when it first comes out. Even their reps are not happy with them. As they face real competition, I hope this will change. I still may buy an Inspire 1, but watching carefully what all of you experience here. I have every reason to respect the members here; little to afford DJI the same respect.

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