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GarminGPS Tracker

May 28, 2015
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Merced, Ca
Hi Pilots...
Better be safe and sorry, so the saying goes..
So I have a Garmin GTU 10 that I am putting on my Inspire but am a tad
concerned if it may interfere with the transmitter signal and my Inspire when it checks its location every 15 minutes by the Iphone app. This apparently is just done briefly.
As far as I know the Garmin does not work on a wifi frequency. But in saying this it does send out a GPS signal ever 15 minutes that I have set up in the Iphone app.
I would hate to have my transmitter signal interrupted because of this causing a possible fly-away.
You pilots are privy and smart and that know about electronics and communication and I am sure know about this and can possibly help me.
Will it be safe to use the Garmin GTU on my inspire?
Any information on my question will be greatly appreciated.
In gratitude,
Richard Trudeau

i also use the Garmin GTU10, mounted on the plate back of the battery with velcro. Haven't done that much flying with it but no problems. I don't thing one GPS really could cause problems, in that case we would experience that all the time, in the car, boat etc. since we have GPS in the phones and carry those with us all time.
Thank you for your input..I have mine mounted in the same place with heavy duty velcro..
My Garmin GTU10 cannot be set on "only when asked for location" in the app for what ever reason,
so I have it set to every 15 minutes.
Thanks again...:)

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