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Gimbal instability

Mar 20, 2014
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Boston, MA
This video was posted yesterday apparently and looking closely, especially from 3:30-end, including landing, you can really see the gimbal shaking due to what appears to be simple lack of structural support hanging beneath the Inspire.

The gimbal design appears very poorly supported resulting in shaking that I hope doesn't translate into the video.

Thoughts? Pre-production only issues?

I flew a beta version yesterday and never saw anything on the screen that did not look awesome.
The productions units do not have this issue.
Here in Hong Kong a friend just got his i1 yesterday. The gimbal shakes during raise of the landing gear still presents. He did some hovering indoors and everything's fine just like what we have been seeing on the net these days. Really don't know what DJI is doing in the last month after the launch delay announcement.
Production units have been fixed.

I don't think it is possible to ever totally get rid of the gimbal shake during transformation. I'm not sure why posters on this forum and others are so obsessed about this issue. Who would turn on their video before launch, when that is not necessary with the controller and app controls? This is not a P2, where one has to turn on the GoPro before launch and get all that wasted footage to edit in post. If it turns out that there is gimbal shake during fast flight or windy conditions, that's a different issue that will have to be solved, just like on the H3-3D. But I have not seen that much yet on the videos that have been posted (mostly by pre-production units).
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