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Gimbal shake when updating TB47 battery

Apr 29, 2015
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I searched the forum but didn't see this discussed already so forgive me if it has already been addressed.....

I just purchased an Inspire 1 and before I started flying I updated the firmware per the instructional videos and everything went fine with one exception.

I updated the firmware in the following order

1) Inpsire 1 with a TB48 battery (TB48 #1) installed - attempt update - success
2) Replaced TB48 #1 with TB48 #2 - attempt update - success
3) Replaced TB48 #2 with TB48 #3 - attempt update - success
4) Replaced TB48 #3 with TB47 #1 (the one that came "in the box") - attempt update - as soon as I turned on the battery to initiate the firmware update on TB47 #1, the gimbal/camera started shaking and turning erractically so I turned it back off.
5) Removed TB47 #1 and replaced with TB48 #1
6) Connected Remote Controller #1 (the one "in the box") - attempt update - success
7) Connected Remote Controller #2 - attempt update - success

So with the same .BIN file I was able to update everything but the one TB47 that came in the box. I don't dare try again because I am worried about damage to the gimbal.

Could anyone shed some light on what is going on and how I might fix it?
This happened with mine, lights dimmed on the tb47, I tried to turn it off but would not, so just left it, all sorted. Just bare with it:)
I gave the TB47 another go and the next time it functioned fine. I just got my inspire so I haven't flown a ton but I have used this battery 5 times for flight without problems since this initial weird reaction. Hopefully whatever it was resolved itself.

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