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Go 4 disconnect with Huwaei Elate and Ascend

Jun 12, 2014
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New Inspire 2 owner here. DJI Veteran.
I just got a used Inspire 2 with a 5S camera seemingly in pristine condition other than this Glitch.
DJI Go 4.2.12
Seems to work flawlessly when on IOS. Both iPad mini 2 and iPhone 7.
When using either Huwaei Wunderphones (most current firmware) I have been getting Aircraft Disconnected messages every time. Controller is still green and the controls are responsive.
Seems to be related to the Android message "battery full disconnect from power source".
At that point the Go 4 shows "aircraft not connected" and then I get the Android message asking if I want to Allow Data or Charge only. I select Allow Data again but regardless of how many times I restart the app or reboot the phone, I consistently get the Aircraft Disconnected notice right after the battery full Android Notice. This didn't seem to happen when the battery in the phones were below full.
This is not a problem with my Mavic on Go 4 and the Huwaei phones. Nor is it a problem with my Spark. Both phones work perfectly with my Osmo Mobile and my Phantom 3 Pro using DJI Go.

I've searched this and other forums without any luck.
It is the battery full warning that disconnects the app from the bird! Simple fix by not flying with a nearly full device battery. Just flew a 23 minute mission with the Huwaei Elate at 50% full. Zero issues. It did charge during the flight and ended at 68% charge.
Hope this helps anyone else encountering this problem.
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