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GoProfessional Combination Inspire/ Phantom Case

Has anyone ordered the combination Inspire/Phantom case here? http://goprofessionalcases.com/shopcases/inspire1-phantom-combo-case.html

I have it. It's large but in charge. Super durable like all of their cases. If you have a Phantom 2 it will fit perfectly. If you have a Phantom 3, you can either wait a couple of weeks and let them post that foam cutout for sale or you can buy now and notch it out yourself (it's a piece of cake). I would never buy a travel case for the Inspire, even with the smaller footprint. It's not worth it to me to take the camera on and off each time. I would recommend the purchase.
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You really can't go wrong with the GPC case for either just the Inspire or this combo one. IMO they are hands down the best cases for your drone and related gear.
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