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GPS / IMU issue Inspire gone Haywire for 30 seconds

Jul 16, 2015
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OK first nightmare after 80 successful flights "

so as part of regular practice went to my routine location (pretty open land )....I'm aware that there are new firmware and app versions so thought of taking time and follow some feedback and update them .......but by the time I reached my location new dji app is installed in my air 2..... I guess in my ipad air 2 apps " auto update "option is turned on ....so thought of giving it a try with old firmware and accidentally updated new app... installed my first battery and launched it after two mins I guess app crashed ....then I relaunched it and completed my flight successfully everything was smooth ...here comes the nightmare part installed my second battery and saw the discharge to 5% msg ..thought of hovering it for 2-3feet height and do the discharge process and as soon as I launched it ....bird went crazy ....was slipping away in every possible fuckin direction ....tried my *** off to balance it but it jus not in a mood to listen ....then toggled the landing gear down (atleast I can save the gimbal if the bird crashed) and shifted to atti mode the level of slipping off decreased and managed to land it in a hard manner everything is fine except me ...uffff

what the hell is the reason for this

" May be its my mistake I shouldn't have tried new app version with old firmware " is this can be a reason if yes then I should have experienced this on my first batt itself but first batt flight was fine except " app crash "

Calibration checked ...IMU verified .. As part of preflight checklist everything covered

Now plzz don't be harsh on me...I'm jus sharing this to rectify my mistake (if i did any) with the help of this group so that i won't do it again and wont experience this again .....I wanna know whats the reason for this mess ....plz watch the rollercoaster ride in the below video ...


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