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GPS satellite count keeps going to zero and aircraft goes into ATTI mode

Oct 18, 2022
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I have been flying Inspire 1 missions in DJI GS Pro in F mode, with a thermal camera, and the aircraft keeps losing GPS signal. GS Pro will pause the mission and the aircraft goes into ATTI mode and starts drifting rapidly off course.

I have been resuming the mission immediately and it picks up GPS immediately but then loses it again within 1 to 5 minutes.

I've also been flying in DJI Go in P Mode and have not encountered the same issue.

Here are the links to Airdata.com for two recent flights:

Does this sound like a bad GPS module or a going bad soon module??

Any thoughts are appreciated
My first thought was If you don't have this problem in P-GPS mode using DJI Go then it should be a software issue.

I have never used the GS Pro and can't tell a thing but maybe you should try with other app like Litchi or similar mission planner as well you can try with different ipad. If you are long user of GS Pro and this just happens now after many successful flights then maybe something happened recently on the ipad and for this you can try reseting it to factory defaults and reinstalling the GS Pro app from scratch.
Thank you so much for your assistance. I’m going to try flying with several different setups/software and see what the GPS does. I’ll post what occurs. Thanks again
well I flew with DJI Go in P-GPS mode and the same issue showed up again. Looking at a number of flight records it seems to happen at about 4+ minutes into flights and then every minute or so. The same in GS Pro F-GPS mode.
seems like the GPS module could be wonky, but I can resume flight several times and end up with a good ortho map.
Thanks again, I may try to order a module or contact DJI.
the GPS module could be wonky
Yeah, seems like that. You may check the connection cable for damage and can try to re-insert the connector to GPS module but it's a bit hidden place and will take some effort. In short to get to the GPS will have to take off the nose cone and then the top white cover, the GPS module is attached to the top white plastic cover and the cable is very short.
I'm having the exact same issue with an Inspire 2. I have recalibrated everything correctly(compass in large green space, IMU and refreshed firmware) My satellite count drops from 23 to zero intermittently and ATTI is activated on every flight. I purchased and installed a new GPS module from Cloud City but the drone does not seem to be recognizing it."cannot take off; GPS Communication Error" with the new module. Switched it back to original GPS Module and still having satellite drop out. Does anyone know if there's some sort of initialization protocol for a fresh GPS unit? Is there a GPS Module ID that needs to be synced with the aircraft?
A cracked GPS puck antenna - especially a hairline crack that may not be visible without comprehensive scrutiny - will connect and disconnect randomly. I replaced one before is how I know.

Nice, I'll check that out. Thank you. I have a second puck on the way. This should let me know better what I'm dealing with.

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