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Grainy/noisy footage issue

Mar 18, 2015
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Hi guys. Is anyone else having issues with grainy footage when using the Inspire 1 camera? I've been filming in 4k, 25 fps and even with the lowest ISO setting and a shutter speed of 50 there still seems to be lots of grain/noise present in the footage. As far as I'm aware there should be pretty much no grain/noise especially when using a low ISO setting? Does anyone else have this problem?
Everybody. It's not a "problem", just a characteristic of the camera that it is quite noisy. You can try lowering the sharpness a little in the settings as it sharpens the footage a lot by default and makes noise more visible by doing so.
Yeah but it should't have that much noise as the footage is pretty much unusable. I've tried reducing the sharpness to -1 but this just makes the footage too soft. I'm going to try a few more experiments in both 4k and HD to see if this helps but I'm beginning to think there might be an issue with the camera.
Tiny sensors are tiny sensors. The best workaround I've found is to set the sharpness to -1, and then selectively sharpen in post.
Thanks Chuck. It's looking like that might have to be the workflow or a noise reduction tool. It's a bit disappointing though. Hopefully this is addressed with future updates!
Hopefully we'll see some firmware improvements over time. I shoot a lot around a lake, and the default sharpening tends to make all the sparkling small water highlights look like a swarm of bees.
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Yeah fingers-crossed! Haha true, or like it's raining randomly! I'm going to do more tests and then run it through DaVinci Resolve to see if I can get rid if that pesky noise!
Hi All,

I am having issues recording a sharp footage, it seems to be grainy and very noisy.

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