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HDMI Monitor as slave display?

Jul 20, 2015
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Has anybody running a slave controller for the camera used something like this?


At $129 (plus $20 for a battery and charger) it would seem to be a pretty good way to go? no lag due to direct HDMI output? Lot cheaper than an ipad or shield. Could possibly even pair with the hobbyking FPV kit to get a HD FPV setup for less than $200.

Any thoughts?
We use amd HDMI monitor on the slave controller simply because, in our opinion, it provides a better quality image for the cameraman.
I cant speak of the model you are considering .... ours are much more expensive broadcast monitors but I expect you would achieve the same results.
I actually prefer a black pearl monitor attached to HDMI to film with. I love the OSD info that the Inspire transmit, and the artificial horizon tells me how much I am banking when turning. The gimble keeps things a bit too level for me to get the sensation of turning. Also the diamond at the top of the screen helps direct me where my home spot is. I really cant see the direction of travel of my Inspire using the pilot app. Too small. All my voltages are displayed at the top of the screen which is a good thing.
Yeah. I agree with Gregg and World. I happen to use the HDMI input to drive Cinemizers, but I was thinking of using a Small HD DP-7 PRO sunlight visible display that I use with other copters -- the only downside is that that monitor would have to be on a tripod as it's pretty heavy.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the artificial horizon on the OSD as well as the "home's that-a-way" indicator -- neither of which you would guess were there just looking at the iPad screen.


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