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Heeeelp...one cell broken on tb47

Jan 26, 2015
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Doing a shoot tday pop in my 47, says cell broken send in for repair, battery life is 92% with 40 charges, wtf!!! If i cycle the battery down will it mysticaly repair or am i screwed.
If it says cell broken I personally wouldn't want to mess with it. Lipos can hurt you. If you want to do ANYTHING with it I would recommend doing it outside or in a garage and stay a safe distance but keep an eye on it. I know it sounds paranoid but unless you want to dispose of it (there is a proper way to do that too) make sure you try to be safe around it. Make the call to DJI yet to see what they say?
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Does it stay after a power cycle? I've had that message a few times as well but it was obviously erroneous as a power cycle would clear it, and watching individual cell voltages closely on the subsequent test flight close to ground showed nothing abnormal.
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Additionally, when was the last time that pack had a full calibration discharge on it? If its been a while might be worth cycling down to cut off and then a full recharge.
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The last time was the first battery firmware update, going to cycle it all the way down today.

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