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Holy crap! Have you guys seen this?

Ahh what happen I fly indoors a lot. I'm pissed at dji myself but what happen the inspire hit you? Hope this ain't jokes. That's horrible
The thing is, it's only going to take some idiot to fly a Phantom in to a crowd and do this to some kid and the government will just ban them. I'm amazed it's not happened yet actually.
What are the circumstances that led up to this photograph? For all we know this could have been an over zealous pussy?

The word '****' is not very descriptive.
Ill bet money it was pilot error. Im with tahoe ed aint no way in hell do you put your guards down. If not tho, better not had been an imu, compass situation. Poker cop posted it
You said found in Facebook. Is it claiming an inspire did it? There is no reason for me not to think an RC plan or helicopter are more likely at fault.
What are you like a DJI rep. You trying to scare us into buying DJI logo helmets now. Stick to the facts cop
Just posting something I found humorous. Chill out.

And no, it does't say an Inspire did it, and neither did I. It does appear to be done by some small prop.
Better get the complete story rather than speculating. Here's his explanation in FB: He was flying his own quad then he saw there was a Phantom "flyaway" fast towards the crowd. Thinking to save the crowd, he ran and jump, managed to grab the landing gear of the Phantom and threw it to the ground. Unfortunately this doesnt kill the Phantom, and it bounced back straight to him with props still on.... (revenge?)

btw... don't know what happen to his own quad tho'... let's hope he land it first before ran to grab the Phantom :)

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Agree with the above sadly, the "wonderful" press won't care about the true story, it'll be about the "drone danger".

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