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Hoping you guys can help I need some critical criticism on my video take 3 minutes of your day!

Feb 7, 2017
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Powell, Ohio
I am a year into flying a DJI Inpsire pro in a city and state where we get about 6 months of good to decent weather! so I am trying to fast track my learning curve as best as possible! on this video I hoping you will help me with I have been told get rid of the black out transitions and will but I'm hoping you can help me more professionally too! Also if you subscribe to my channel I will do the same
Overall I really like it. I'm no expert so I hesitate in giving any advice, but since we are all learning, here are my thoughts:

You're very good at your gimbal transitions while ascending and descending.
The composition of all your shots was spot on.
I find that editing to the beat of the music with disjointed landscape shots makes things more cohesive.
The blackout transitions are distracting.
Try to find an overall subject/theme/story when editing. I know it can be hard when doing landscapes, but tying it all back to a central theme adds a lot to the video.

Again, I'm no expert but these are my thoughts. Nice job.
What really helped me when editing together non-narrative collages, was trying to keep the movement flowing shot-to-shot in regards to direction, gently changing it, not suddenly cutting to movement in a completely different direction. This can be copter movement but also movement within the frame, e.g. Cars, people etc. It helps to create a feeling of purpose to shots that don't really tell a specific story.

I'm no expert either, but, your exposure and framing is nice. If you're a single operator you might want to look at grabbing Autopilot. The focus strategies can really help to create dynamic movements that you'd need a cam op for usually. You'll be able to vary it a bit more, rather than just the standard strafes, push in/pull outs, etc. Basically, you fly and the app points the camera at a specific focus point.
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