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How do I do updates and setups???

Feb 21, 2015
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Cypress, Texas
So with my Phantom 2 Vision Plus, I had to download software to my MacBook that I then plugged into my Phantom to access it's hardware and setup. When I wanted to change settings, like what the RTH altitude was, or activate NAZA-M mode or what the toggle switches were set to, I would plug in the Phantom to the computer, boot up Phantom assistant and change whatever I wanted. So with the Inspire 1 how do I do these things? How would I check for software or firmware updates? I'm not seeing on the DJI website where they have any software assistant or anything to do this!


You need a tablet, Ipad (Air or newer) or Android to hook up to the inspire. Read the manual ! Maybe you can do it with just an hd monitor too but the tablet is really the best interface and gives you lots of options and video settings to change easily
There is no Assistant for the Inspire. As RossF stated it requires a device, iOS or Android, to access the functions. Upgrades are done through the camera's SD card. The updated firmware can be downloaded via a PC or a MAC. Then loaded to the SD card after you unpack it. You will end up with a .bin file that is about 39mb which needs to be loaded to the root drive of the SD card. I prefer not to connect my Tx or device for the upgrade, but just insert the SD card and wait until I get a beep, beep beep, message that indicates that the upgrade is done. I can then turn off the Inspire and take the SD card out. I then check the .TXT file for status. Then I check the hidden MISC folder for the TXT file there.
Don't people read the bloody manuals or search on the internet? This basic information is available in a multitude of places. - Jesus..... spoon feeding :mad:
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I'm pointing my reply directly at me. I have read the manual, (PS there is a 1.1 on the DJI site but it is in Chinese only) the quick start guide, and all the other tidbits from DJI. But I still feel like there is a lot more to know about the Inspire and the app.

I want to see the "Inspire for Dummies" book as soon as possible as there are so many undocumented items that we are just having to stumble over.

I'm dumb, and I admit it!!

EDIT: Make that "Inspire For Idiots" I was giving myself too much credit.
My feelings exactly, pops52! I have indeed read the manual and considering I don't even have an inspire here yet, things are relatively confusing in some areas as to what to do...! It doesn't state anywhere that I read about specific software or firmware updates and seeing as how important these things are especially with a new release and all the issues I'm hearing about the I1 and how much this thing costs and what a crash or flyaway will do if it happens, I think asking some extra questions in order to make sure you are on the same page as everyone else, is the least I can do....!!!
Go to Google, type in 'Updating firmware on DJI Inspire....... The first result is DJI's download page for the Inspire 1, The second result is a DJI pdf document entitled "Inspire 1 - How to Update Firmware", the third result is a YouTube video from DJI's own channel showing step by step instructions on how to update the firmware.

Here ->

I'm sorry to be blunt but if a basic Google search eludes you then maybe the Inspire is not the craft for you!

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