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How does DJI handle manufacturers defects that cause a crash?

Dec 4, 2014
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I am canceling my Vision+ order and have ordered an inspire from BH. My only concern is how likely is it to loose or have a catastrophic failure that is the manufacturers fault? I plan on being very carful with it and not do anything stupid but what if a motor fails or prop breaks in mid air? Will I be out 1000s? Is there any kind of black box function on these devices where DJI can determine if it was user error or manufactures defect? I'm sure it will have a 1 year warranty for manufactures defects but this is not like a DSLR where if something breaks no harm done. I can only imagine what it would cost to replace the camera and gimble alone given the $700 cost of the one on the Phantom 2Vision +

Good thing is mine will probably not get here until late Jan or longer since I just ordered today so I will have time to read some reviews and opinions from other users that get the first batch incase I change my mind.

You should have a insurence on your dii inspire, from your insurance company. for two years a go my phantom one crashed into the sea... it was my own fault, because I did`t calibrated the phantom nor did I pay any tension to the light before I took off... It was surly a beginners mistake. I had a good insurance, sow i called the insurance company and few days later I got my money back.

here is the video of the crash:
Do you know what insurance companies do this in the USA? Will DJI cover damage if its their fault like a motor going out or power failure?
Their were one or two sellers on Amazon who offered insurance for a decent price. B&H will offer you "Sorry sh!t happens" If this is your first copter I would re-think your decision, buy something cheaper and smaller to learn on

I don't think DJI has anything close to a one year warranty
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Thanks. Yes I have flown the QX350 and other RC helicopters so I have some exp. It looks like with the delays and backorders I will have plenty of time to think about it and read reviews etc. Good thing Amazon and BH doesn't charge the card until it ships.
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all i can tell you is that dji told me to buy a new one when mine went out of control apparently losing g.p.s. after turning on the camera. i had all greens too. i got my money back from amazon and that is why i went with amazon and not b&h.
i do not trust dji to take care of its customers. one good thing is they have changed the way they handle warrantees and i talked to a company that now deals with the warrantees and they seem to thinkit will be an improvement.
My craft dropped from 380' ft. AGL due to a reported ESC error, crash and burn, it was still under warranty so it was replaced however they will not replace items that are not made by DJI, i.e. My zoom lens.

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