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How Many Fly Inspire 1 AND Phantom +?

Oct 12, 2013
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San Diego
I have a Phantom Vision (non plus) and my Inspire 1 is arriving tomorrow!!! OMG I am excited.

Anyway, I am considering putting my Phantom Vision on eBay and getting a Vision Plus for $899 to fly in addition to the Inspire 1. Here is my rationale for an expensive endeavor:

• At $899 (I will keep some of my original Phantom parts like batteries, etc.) I can fly the gimbal phantom in sketchier situations (mainly over cliffs at the ocean for my artwork) and not be as afraid of losing a $3000 machine should it take a dip.

• For now, only Phantom platform has Ground Station.

• The New AutoPilot app http://autoflightlogic.com/autopilotphantom adds incredible possibility to drone flying. Even if it is release for the Inspire 1 in the coming months I would be hesitant to use it on such an expensive machine.

• With two drones I can get closer, in air footage of the Inspire up in the sky.

• When flying with friends (so they can shoot what I am doing) I can have them use the Phantom and keep their hands off my Inspire 1!!

Anyway, I would love to hear if others are doing this and have the same rationale. I could just me trying to justify spending money I shouldn't!!!!
I have both a Phantom Vision 2 + V 3 and a Inspire 1 - my reasons for keeping both is that should one of them have an accident I will always have a backup. And for closeups I feel mor comfortable ( yet ) with the Phantom. I love both of them ( and also my training bird Hubsan X 4 )
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Yeah, I have a Phantom 2 with Gopro and H4-3D etc with Groundstation as well as the Inspire. Apart from flying the Inspire to fully familiarise myself with it, my rule of thumb is the Inspire is for paying work (it's the paying work that funded it in the first place) and the Phantom is for fun, and risky situation. It's always best to have a back up in any case.
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I was going to sell my PV+ on ebay and I'm glad I didn't !

I took them both on holiday to Scotland recently and flying the Phantom is much more worry free. I sent it on a mile flight over sea to a deserted island and I wouldn't have dared do that with the Inspire also the Inspire has nothing like the range of my PV+ ( with antenna mods)
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ya I am with Mossie. Now I fly my Phantom like a fighter pilot. I take a lot more risks (with the craft not with people) and get much closer to objects and I fly really close to the top of water now sometimes too and can get some great shots. Phantom is like the toy now.
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I've got both as well, an Inspire and a P2V+, and I have barely touched the P2V+ since getting the Inspire 1. I think the only reason I have not sold the P2V+ yet is probably due to the lack of spare Inspire parts available (most are not user serviceable anyway, I know) and/or the potential of being without a bird for a month or so if it needs to go to DJI for repairs.

The Inspire is such an amazingly easy machine to handle, and powerful. Honestly they are both easy, I guess maybe I just prefer the overall Inspire 1 experience more than I do with my Phantom. But I'm sure it's all personal preference anyway.
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I have a blade ax 350 a vision 2 - a vision 2 V3 and my inspire 1 ..still never flown the inspire1 in 3 months love my phantoms and qx350 for some fast and wild flying
Vision 2+ and Inspire here. Both have their unique uses. And like the others, it is easier to be more daring now with the Phantom.
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