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How to recover corrupted video files from an Inspire

can someone send me the file via e-mail? mod at phat dot hu the link that Chuck shared is working but the program is not starting up at all... just for a flash second... help.
same problem here, window flashed up and goes in a second,
I just did a gig today and forgot to stop filiming when I changed the battery on the first section, I have tried watching the video back in the app and it doesnt work , I can only see the thumbnail,

I would really love to find out how to get it back as the gig cant be repeated
same problem here, window flashed up and goes in a second,

This is a command-line program, as evidenced by the post on Skypixel (and the screenshot on its homepage). There are no third-party GUI components as far as I know.

Follow along with the Skypixel post, and you should get your footage back.
Hi guys.

It can be some what difficult for some people to mess around in the command prompt, i made a "easy" user interfance program to make it a lill easier.

(Windows Only, sorry)

1) Download the tool from here.

2) Unpack the Zipfiles somewhere.

3) Put two video files inside the same folder, one being the "broken video" and one "healty" file, as it will read the healty file to complete the broken one. So must be same resolution \ setting.

4) Launch "InspireVideoFix.exe"

5) Click on the first "Browse" and select the broken videofile, then next 'Browse' and choose the healthy videofile.

Then click "Repair".

The process can take up to a few minutes deppending on videosize and your PC performance.

When it's done, it will say complete and the fixed videofile will show up in the same folder named "FixedVideoFile.mov"

Don't leave your only file inside the folder, always have a backup as I cannot guaranteed that the files inside the folder can dissapear..:rolleyes:

Any questions please ask.
PS: It's a beta I wrote in a few minutes, so bugs \ errors will probably show up! IF so let me know :)
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mate, you're a legend, I was just going to dive into the command prompt solution, I hope yours works out,,,,,,,
thanks a lot if it does :)
the only thing I would mention, is that it didnt make a mp4 file as expected, dont know if there is a way to select that in the future, but either way the result was that I got my video back and have ahappy customer, so thanks,
Nice one!

Typo in app, says 'repearing' and not 'repairing'. What's it written in??
just tried it again today and it doesn nothing, just very quickly displays complete, and never makes a new file ...
Recently i made the mistake of powering down the inspire 1 before turning off the video.
(Was a little to excited with a great shot haha) and the video showed as saved on the iPad, and was watchable. When i got home and popped my SD card into my laptop, the entire file was just missing entirely. What a bummer that was!
i had a corrupt file also and someone told me to just record a new one for a couple seconds and then stop it and it would fix the corrupt one. It did, but it seemed to end quite a while before it shouldve ended in my opinion, crash caused battery to pop out while recorded but the recovered filed ended a good 10 seconds or more before the crash. Was hoping to see the crash in all its glory buy no dice, lol! what are your guys experiences with recovered files, do they end earlier than they should or do you get the whole thing back? just curious, thanks.

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