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I flew an Inspire yesterday!

Feb 16, 2014
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Houston Tx.
i have a P3P on order. I've been flying a P2V w/RP gimbal for more than a year. So today my friend Eric, who works for our city's television department flew in one of our parks and invited me along. He and his partner both had controllers. Eric was the pilot and Keith was the camera man. The Inspire is pretty awesome in person! Once they had satellites they took off and it was gone. Wow! What power! Even seemed quieter than mine. I lost visual and looked at Eric and Keith. Both were focused on their monitors. Neither one was watching the bird! Now this seemed odd to me as I have always felt it necessary to maintain visual contact with my P2V. At least to the degree that when I looked up from the monitor I pretty much knew where it was. These guys sent it off on a mission and just flew it FPV. I guess I thought it was like a child and I was the parent. As long as I kept an eye on it, it would behave. Letting it go off on its own might result in it getting into trouble, or worse, starting trouble. Besides, doesn't watching it help it to stay aloft?

They flew around the lake, ball fields etc. I peeked over Eric's shoulder to look at the monitor. OMG! His FPV was as clear as my finished video. No wonder they were so confident with that kind of detail. Some brief conversation between them to determine what they wanted and how best to capture it. I was amazed to see that bird fly so well and fast. They hit 50mph at one point. When they stopped, it sat in the air as though it was somehow anchored.

A funny part was when Eric said, you want to fly it? I had no idea where it even was!?! I said I would when it was closer. He brought it back and handed it over. It flew like butter! Fast butter!! I brought it down, lowered the landing arms and Eric hand caught it.

So, I'm excited that the P3P will have the updated monitor system. I'm also considering giving more trust to the bird and focusing a bit more on the actual video.

We have to eventually trust our children more as they grow up, right?

Geo :)
It IS like letting your kid go for the first time on his own when the quad disappears into the distance. When I fly over water or way off into the distance, people ask me all of the time, "Aren't you afraid to loose it?" The answer is absolutely yes but if you do not take a little risk in loosing it you wont be able to get the same great shots. Thats why a lot of us have extra GPS units on them.

Good luck with the P3P. It looks like a great platform and I am sure you will love it.
Hey Geoelectro..
I enjoyed reading your post!!
I guess I'm all grown up like Eric and Kieth..lol..
Enjoy your p3 its going to be the best all around UAV on the market for the cost..
Happy grown up flying...

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