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I had to hand launch my Inspire this morning.

Nov 18, 2013
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Buffalo Wyoming
I woke up at 4:10 to go fly up in the mountain at sunrise this morning, but
I had quite a technical challenge getting the inspire to launch. The app reported a compass error, and insisted that I calibrate before takeoff. I tried calibrating the compass at least 10 times with no success. I realized that the rocks in the mountain I was trying to take off from are rich in metals (I have a degree in geology). I got a green ok to fly light when I powered up the Inspire while holding it up over my head, but as soon as I set it on the ground the compass went back to error again. So I held the inspire over my head with one hand and armed the motors with the remote using my other hand. As I removed my hand, the Inspires motors speed up and it hovered as I dropped my arm. So I had to hand launch the inspire in order to fly this morning. I did a second flight from the same place the same way.

Here is the video from the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming that I shot this morning after the hand launch.
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Wow..Im going to Silverton and Teluride to film old mines..wondering if I I will have the same problems. Didnt ATTI work for take off?
Beautiful foooootaaaggge!!
With the landing gear up, it's easy to hand launch and hand land by grabbing the battery area.
That is right, most of the time when there is little wind, I 'hand land' my inspire. I mostly fly in atti mode but when I land I bring it in close at around 10 ft, put it in GPS mode and slowly lower the throttle until I can reach it and throttle down completely.

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