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I2 controller phone/tablet mount issue

Nov 21, 2017
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So I just received my new I2 and noticed that the crystal sky/tablet mount on the controller is different than before. The controller shipped with the crystal sky mount in place but it seems as though they changed the tablet mount from an entirely separate bracket to just an adapter. This isn't really an issue but I'm wondering if I'm now permanently stuck with the crystal sky cable coming out the back of the mount even though I'm using a lightning cable with my iPad.

I understand this might be confusing so I've attached a photo of the new tablet mount. It effectively slides over the USB C plug and locks in similarly to how the crystal sky monitors lock in place.

Am i stuck with the cable out the back of the mount?

You can carefully dismantle the CrystalSky mount on the RC and remove the USB cable. This process can also be reversed in the event that you want to put that cable back in… say if you pick up a CrystalSky. I guess what I’m trying to say is that you can remove that cable without damaging the cable or the mount. Take it apart carefully, if memory serves there’s a little part inside there that may pop out and would be easy to lose.
Ok thanks. I see 4 small screws under the mount that look like they may separate the parts.

I must say I think this solution is garbage. I really don't care for the crystal sky monitors over an ipad and the fact that they changed the mounts to this version is just a bad call. Not to mention I bought a second remote and it didn't even come with a tablet mount! DJI, you're not Apple - please stop acting like it!
but its pretty darn handy if you run both ipad & cs.
I've used both before and honestly think the CS monitors are about a 4/10 when compared to using an iPad. I'll likely never again bother with the CS. I'll likely just look for the old tablet holder online to buy somewhere - the remotes fit in my case better with them on anyway.

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