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Inspire 1 + accessories for sale

May 27, 2015
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Hey guys!

So i'm selling my inspire 1!


Reason for sale -
Not using it that much, although some of the clients I get hire me because they know I have this drone, I'm not too fond of being hired just to fly drones. I like filming, and for me a drone is just an accessory. I rather use a drone when I feel like it then when the client feels like it, and I think that having a 3500€ drone isn't worth it.

The bad - When people want to buy used things they want to know whats wrong with it ASAP so here it is. Once the drone flipped while taking off - not a "crash" per say, not a huge hit, it just flipped. It started tilting on it's own due to a bad IMU calibration or something related, hit one of the propellers and went upside down. Ended up with a broken prop and a scuffed plastic body, that's it (refer to the pictures for the scratched body).

The good - It has really few hours of flight, I can take a screenshot of my Pilot app but right out of the bat that thing is lying, it says I have like 3h of flight and that's not true, I have more then that but probably less then 5 hours tops. I only did paid work with it 5 times, each time did the shot in less then one full battery use. The rest of the hours was training and fun flying. It was well taken care of, always inside the original case and cleaned with compressed air. The batteries were cycled when the voltage was different (the app usually warned me to cycle when that happened).

It flies perfectly, just like a normal brand new drone.

What is included -
- All the original accessories that come with the Inspire 1 V2 , except the stickers that you put on the battery for cold weather because those are on one of the batteries. Last time I picked up the drone I was going to fly in the snow but ended up not doing that because there was too much fog and I was afraid to fly it;
- A couple of Battery shaped cases to keep stuff in them (pictures);
- 5 Lens caps;
- A sunshade that will fit a decent amount of different phones ( Oneplus one is what I use, but I believe it also fits a samsung galaxy or iPhone, if you are interested just tell me what device you have I'll tell you if it fits, doesnt fit tablets tho).
- Extra Battery;
- Prop "guard" - A plastic case to keep the props in place so they dont go around inside the case while traveling;
- Case inserts - plastic pieces on the case's motor Styrofoam inserts that keep the case safe, sometimes when you close the case the motors can hit the Styrofoam and damage the case bit by big, this way your case lasts longer.

So, the added value (if bought new) of this pack would be around:

Inspire 1 v2 (right now at 6% discount in the dji store) - 3200€
Intelligent Flight battery - 200€
Each Battery case (average) - 18€ x 2 = 36€
Each lens cap (average) - 5€ x 5 = 25€
Sunshade for Smartphone (average) - 25€
Case inserts (average) - 8€
Prop guard - (dont know, lets consider it free)
Knocking down 20€ for the scuffed plastic case so you can buy a new one - -20€

Total : 3494€ (around £2,760)

Asking price : 2800€ (around £2,211)
( I'll offer the shipping with tracking if you pay through paypal)

PICTURES: Inspire For Sale

Sorry for the picture quality, I took those with my phone, but if someone is interested I can take new pictures with my camera.

Let me know if you have any questions, you can comment here or message me I'll give you any info you need. If you are seriously interested, we can skype conference with my webcam on so I can show you the drone and answer any of your questions.

Buyers "safety" - you can pay through Paypal using the "buying goods and services", and I'll describe the product i'm selling so if you dont receive what I sent you, you can file a complaint and get your money back. I have an online shop so I'm used to this kind of stuff.

The drone will be packed inside it's original case but with bubble wrap inside to protect it. The original case will be obviously inside a cardboard box, and the case itself will be bubble wrapped.

Average Shipping times:
United Kingdom - Around 2 weeks;
Rest of the EU - Around 8 - 10 days:
Europe NON-EU - Around 8 -15 days;
Australia - 2 weeks;
USA - Up to 3 weeks;

For outside of the EU the customs slip will be marked as a used item being offered as a gift to avoid unnecessary customs fees.

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