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Inspire 1 and vision2 v2 forsale NY/LI

Jun 19, 2015
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I have a like new perfect inspire1 for sale it has firm ware update the version to fix it from going in and out of the atti mode ..It is in perfect condition flys stable with no issues at all i have 3 tb47 battery packs all updated too ..its 1 controller with everything such as prop locks and all the included accessories and case it has literally under an hour of flight time on it . I bought it for my fiance but he is to involved with other hobbies .the price is 2750$ cash or paypal ...also since he has no interest in it i am selling my 3month old phantom 2 vision v2 thats 2 months old and flown in my back yard about 3 flights it to is like new with zero issues or incidents it has 2 battery packs charger radio and a case for it all like a small carry on luggage size with fitted foam so it all fits correctly ..850.00$ phone -516-375-Eight two six two :Laura ---or [email protected]
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LOL i can't he is a great guy !! his other hobby or should i say our other hobby is drag racing so the cars do take up time and money ..my car goes 11.60s and his 10.20s were always doing mods and its time for my car to get a supercharger so i can whoop his ***!!!
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