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Inspire 1 Case - Safe to check-in during air travel?

May 20, 2015
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I was wondering if anyone can provide feedback in regards to how well the Inspire 1 case (included on delivery) hold up to travelling. As in checked luggage when travelling by plane? I have taken my Phantom when travelling abroad many times, but that case is much smaller and qualifies as a carry on bag.

I have a few trip coming up, is it safe to leave my Inspire 1 as checked luggage, in the case it came with. I mean sometime airport staff manage to brake even to must tough cases?

Any advise would be helpful?

Thanks in advance,
If you would like your Inspire in kit form the other end then check it in.
Otherwise, I would strongly advise a Peli case for aircraft travel.
Hi Markus,
I didn't trust the baggage handlers, so I had also taken the precaution of keeping the bubble wrap and cardboard box that the case was originally delivered in - I put the I1 case into these two additional layers of protection. I had "Fragile" stickers on all six sides (not that I think that makes much difference in the real world) and I made a carry handle from nylon rope that completely wrapped the cardboard box - to take the weight from the bottom. It survived a Ryanair flight just fine, but I did need to take it to the "oversized" baggage check-in.
I hope that helps.
I had "Fragile" stickers on all six sides (not that I think that makes much difference in the real world)

This is what I am afraid of, putting fragile stickers on it might even make the baggage handlers even more reckless...

Anyway, many thanks for your feedback!

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