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Inspire 1 delayed

It's been discussed that it is delayed, but DJI has sent emails it is now shipping December 15th instead of Dec 1. Of course, it should slip again. Cheesycam doesn't state his source, so we don't know if he is just spouting Internet hearsay or he actually has a contact at DJI.
This, from DJI:

Dear DJI Customer,

We want to give you an update on the status of the Inspire 1 shipments.

Because we are committed to giving you only the best systems DJI can produce, we have decided to postpone shipment of our first units, and we want to explain this decision to you.

Earlier this year, we started flying and testing the first Inspire 1 beta units. The technology we built into the Inspire 1 is based on all of our years of research and development, and we have always dreamed of combining these elements into one complete system. So these first flights were deeply important to us.

As these flight tests went increasingly well, we started bringing the Inspire 1 around the world to test it in different environments. At that time, we were 99% certain for a launch date in early December. Unfortunately, as we started ramping up to full production scale, there were unavoidable circumstances that prevented our best work from being completed.

So now it is the right decision to delay shipments. We apologize for bringing you this news, but we are working hard to give you the best products you need.

We will update you on our shipment times soon.

I just find this a little bizarre. They announce the product, what, 2, 3 weeks ago along with the release date. Now they delay the product with less than a week to go. Seems odd to me. Hopefully they'll take the time to tighten up their software and hardware.
I emailed the DJI store and they said wave 1 might ship around Christmas / end if December

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Just saw this at the bottom of B&H's sale page for the Inspire 1:

Expected availability: End of December 2014

I wonder if that is when they expect them to be in stock or when they will ship pre-orders . . .
End of December still not confirmed, but most likely, this date when dealers get the stock. The other thing is qty. first batch will have very limited quantity that will be released by DJI.

Nabil Riaz

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