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Inspire 1 intended flight design & limitations.

Nov 13, 2013
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Little Rock, AR
I have seen quite a few videos of folks giving their Inspire's a maiden flight or showing friends/family. This is great but, what starts out as a simple "check flight", turns into a performance evaluation flight.

The problem is, everyone still the Inspire in the "arms down" position.

I don't think the Inspire was designed for, or capable of, maintaining it's attitude at extreme's with the arms in the landing mode. I personally can see that while in landing mode the Inspire has a tendency to overcorrect while managing mild winds, user inputs, etc. Alternatively once I go to an "arms up" position the Inspire easily manages the all outside factors.

It's kinda nervous, with the $500 camera/gimble hanging down all by itself. It's like your hanging your root out a car window for everyone to see. However, "I think" keeping your arms down while flying out of ground effect is a false security & increasing the chances of vicious circle of over correction.

Does anyone know if the Inspire runs on separate gains with repsect to the arm positions?

I doubt it - the gains and COG are just set for the arms up - that was the way it was designed to be flown.

If people are nervous for their first few flights about putting the arms up and damaging the camera just don't attach the camera! You should be proficient in all orientations and general flying skills before you even worry about making the next Hollywood Blockbuster in any case!

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