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Inspire 1 Maiden Flight

Did you shoot all of this? It looks awesome. I think I'll be fine flying, i've flown remote heli's before, but it's adding in the camera controls that may need some practice.
yes 1 remote, i am used to controlling roll and pitch from my previous multi rotors but its the first time for me with full camera control its really hard to fly and use the ipad to control the camera at the same time, it was a bit scary i thought more than once i was going to hit a tree.

but now that i am finish my pilot camera mod, i will fly as always and leave camera control to someone else with the ipad. i am not sure about getting a second controller yet.

You are right!!! Take your time; read and get to know the app. I would suggest working with the flight simulator for a little while. Get to know your bird and the app before taking off. I got mine a week and half ago. I love the bueatiful bird. Happy safe flying✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️

QUOTE="Jeromy Kusch, post: 38883, member: 21054"]I just got mine in the mail. Doing some reading hopefully will be able to get some images and video up today or tomorrow. I don't want to rush it and do something stupid.[/QUOTE]
I was thinking about doing the same thing., One guy I was talking to said that's not a good idea because then you can't see what your drone is seeing, but if I'm flying visually anyway, I don't see why I can't fly by sight and let some else control the camera. What is the red thing on your drone?

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