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Inspire 1 Mods and Tips from Adam Savage

wow... awesome :) thanks for posting... here in europe they don't really bring those guys on a current basis...
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did they take the mythbusters down or am i missing something... do they still have their show??
Love the charging box and flight log. The battery shaped storage is pretty sweet too. I've been thinking about a landing/takeoff table myself. They make those white plastic tables with folding legs. One option available is a 48" round table that folds in half for storage. Figured I'd cut the legs down just a little and paint the table with a heli landing pad symbol with plastic ip or something with a little texture or tack. Should come in handy when launching from many areas.
Adam, I am impressed with the modifications you have been able to make in such a short time. I would love a copy of your flight log. I have been writing things down on a note pad, which is archaic at best. I am willing to pay you for a copy. Please let me know if this is doable. Thanks for all your great ideas and mods.
I would love to have one of the battery charging stations. In fact, I have three batteries that would fit perfectly!
Just thinking of moving it CCW or CW as a way to mechanically adjust the Inspire 1 compass for a true north direction like you can do on the DJI F450 and F550 birds?

Why I want to do this? > When looking at the IOS app MAP, the RED pointer showing the Inspire 1 direction is off relative to north even after several IMU and Compass calibrations and when flying Inspire 1 at 50 feet or more with NO wind!

Any additional help on this subject or has any one seen this, let me know.. It's most appreciated.
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excelent video, I need that charging station, I cant even buy a second charger locally! what a pain

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