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Inspire 1 next to a Phantom

I am also impressed by the size and how well built it seems to be. Whereas the Phantom 2 still could be a starter copter, the Inspire impresses me as something that someone graduates to, both in terms of its cost/investment and just how "serious" it is. The replacement camera/gimbal on the Phantom 2 Vision plus is in the $650.00 range. I bet this one would be more, although I like that it is more contained like the Vision 2.
Well, DJI did something right. Lights on the back where you can see them instead of underneath where one needs to get down in the dirt or use a mirror. That is the one pet peeve I have with my Vision.
Sold my Phantom 2 after owning it only a month in order to buy the Inspire 1. Have to say, though, it is not without some regrets. Apples and oranges in my opinion---Phantom 2 is a great portable little quad. Travels nicely on the airlines, not so sure how much commercial flying we will be able to do with the Inspire.

Plus, despite its lesser size, it remains a remarkably stable little quad even in windy conditions.

Inspire 1 will definitely open up new creative opportunities and certainly I welcome it, but not a minute before DJI is prepared to release it.

Phantom 2 will continue to fill its own place in the multi-rotor arsenal.

Wish I could have afforded them both.

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I agree completely. From a consumer perspective, the Phantom is still very viable. Smaller platform (with case) makes it much easier to travel with, even if just to throw it in the back of a car. The P2V+ is stable, easy to set up, and has great range. The fish eye is my greatest complaint, even though resolvable in post. I will definitely be keeping my P2V+, especially now with the RC and functional tilt control. Eddie, I respect your need to sell, but hopefully you'll be able to find a one at some point that can be had at a steep discount.
It's really too bad the arms are not removable. Then it could be made into a much smaller transportable size. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult -- two bolts on each side, for the main arm and the positioning arm, and an electrical connector. I would be surprised if an aftermarket mod doesn't come out at some point for doing just that.
There will be a Transport Mode that will allow the gear to raise to a flat position.
That will assist in keeping it small. I am hoping or overhead bin small. I don't know yet.
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