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Inspire 1 parting out! Worked perfect! X3, X5, controllers, FPV system and more

Jun 17, 2018
Hello all! Had a great time with another bird that I parted on here a couple months back, best forum period. Shipping to the US from Acworth, Georgia, so be sure to give me your ZIP and I’ll quote you shipping straight across.

Will accept PayPal, cash app, and Venmo

Parting out my last T600. This was a backup airframe to my Pro, but haven’t had any luck trying to sell it as such. So I’ve decided to part it out! I’ll make a list below of what’s for sale, feel free to make an offer if the price doesn’t suit you. Additionally I have a ton of odds and ends for the I1, so feel free to ask if it’s not listed.

I will update this list as soon as anything is sold.

Left complete arm with T-prop mounts - $100
Right complete arm with T-prop mounts - $100
Plastics including base - $20 SOLD
GPS module - $35
X3 gimbal - $25
Lightbridge module - $60 SOLD!
Bottom VPS - $25
Landing gear motor - $30
**it works, it’s been “repaired”, so selling for parts only, I have a video of it working, not bent
Main power/ESC board - $30

GL658 A with a new HDMI module - $175
GL658 B with a new HDMI module - $180 SOLD!
X5 camera with 15mm and 45mm - $900
X3 camera with filters - $350 SOLD!
DSLR Pros FPV kit with BlackSky Diversity monitor - $150 SOLD!

No batteries

Thank you all! PM me with questions!


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