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Inspire 1, two batteries, case, modded controller, 3 sets of quick release props - $2000 shipped

Oct 10, 2014
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I have an Inspire available,
comes with one TB47 and one TB48
everything else included just like if purchased new.
2 sets of quick-on-off props
$2100 OBO shipped to conus.
controller is modded for long range antennas but antennas won't be included.
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I have an Inspire available that was flown 3 times,
comes with two TB47s and everything else just like if purchased brand new.
$2600 OBO shipped to conus.

if you're interested in dual controller setup let me know, i have couple extra I1 controllers also.
Very interested please pm me
TB47 and TB48 included in the price now.
What's the price for this with 2 controllers?
How new is this Inspire?
Is it version D?
Does it have the quick release blades?
Does it have the original case or a better Pelican style case?
Where are you located? and is Shipping included or is that extra?
Greg..If this is the i1 that I saw in his shop, It would be a D version. Single remote and the case would be the regular DJI case they come with. It did have quick release blades. However Hunch certainly sells his fair share of UAV's so I could be wrong here, but I figure i would chime in that if you do get it from him it will be in top notch condition.
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about 2 hours on the bird.
both batteries have less than 10 cycles on it. 90+% on both.
only one controller.
Just to clarify.

Controller comes with SMA antennas, same dbi as stock but they are screw on antennas. i did a controller mod for a customer
who changed his mind after the fact i did a mod which sucked but it is what it is.
you can install FPVLR or DBS / Horizon antennas if you want but it will come with antennas mounted which enable you having the same distance as stock

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