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Inspire 1 Wakeboard Clips

This is exactly what I purchased mine for.

Just need to grow a pair now...

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Sick riding and sick clips! This is exactly what I got mine for & what drones are best for! Action sports. But i've been filming kiteboarding since I gave up waking & some winch footage.
Nice wake too. Itchy feet....
Definetly try for a reverse shot niceee and close on one of those tantrums.
Keep em coming
Closer... Closer... Closer... :) Also change it up, shoot from the opposite side. Just watch out for the rope ;)

I shot this last summer, pre-inspire...

Hehehe i feel like we had the same conversation on another forum ;)

Your flying is awesome... our riding is better ;)

We going out today and yea im gonna work on filming from the sides and back wards... its just a mind tease =)
looking forward to seeing that. Can I ask - when you're out there, how do you deal with the Inspire? Do you take off and launch from the boat, and if so - do you use dynamic home point to update a useful location if the worst came to the worst?

Reason for asking is I wonder if a home point in a safe place on dry land is potentially more useful? that way you know (within reason) that you can just hit a button and forget about it if you had to. If I lost track of time or didn't hear the battery warning, I would hate to see my inspire descending for a landing and need to manoeuvre for a catch or land it on a small area on a boat in a hurry. Almost better if it just shoots off on its own to the home point on land, in that situation. (assumes land is close by i guess).

if you hand catch - am very interested to know how you find it? Also no difficulties taking off from a boat i assume? Wakeboarding water is generally flat calm anyway, so perhaps it isn't a factor?
I fly from a dock most of the time. Sometimes we fly from the boat but I find sitting on the dock more enjoyable. The lake is only 1.5km at the longest lenght
ok i see that's cool - i was going to say I couldn't see anyone in the boat staring at a screen. And you find that ok in terms of judging distance etc? I'd be worried about flying straight into something (our lake has trees all around).

I've not much experience flying FPV (perhaps I should gets some practice) but once the camera is pointed off-cenrtre i imagine it gets quite hard to see what you're about to fly into.

Certainly prefer the idea of being on dry land though
ok makes sense. but if you're flying sideways for the cool shots, you won't necessarily see what's coming - that's my concern. having said that provided i'm close-ish to the boat it should be obvious when trees are coming, as the boat tends to want to avoid them also.
Of course you need to have a good look at the area beforehand and keep a bit of a map of the dangerous things in your head.
When I film in FPV mode (nearly always) I mostly switch my focus from the usual center vision to the peripheral one - the other day I was filming a couple of friends in motion, and after the flight one of them asked "did you see my sign?" Ugh nope... Was too much looking at the frame borders and working out how fast I was moving, in what direction, what height, thinking of what would be coming ahead, coordinating moves, making sure camera exposure is correct etc. At this point the actual subject is not much more than a sort of blob you want to try and keep in a given place in the frame, no time to look at what it's actually doing.
good advice thank you. I had a bad experience flying fpv where (to this day I still don't understand it) I ended up flying into a tree despite watching the monitor carefully and seeing myself going towards it. I think i might have been mixing my flight modes (and possibly was in IOC - which I now avoid) and entered the wrong controls. Cost me a lot of money and skin off my shins.

I visit a wakeboard club regularly where I could practice filming until I get comfortable with it. Advantage of the inspire is that the range is known, telemetry is good, and the equipment is sophisticated. i had a very Frankensteined setup before which got too confusing. The pilot app is a godsend in this regard as everything is there to see.

Might do my first few trips with a spotter so that I am warned of anything obvious. but essentially beyond a certain distance there's no point in using line of sight, especially if altitude is low. Craft can be less than 50m away, and still not be able to judge how far away objects are. That's why I wondered if you were in the boat.
Yea the boat doesn't go within 100 yards of any shore, so usually your path is clear.

Start by flying behind hte rider and rolling left and ride as the cut / jumpo through the wake. Then work your way up to other angles.
most of my riding locations are super tight lakes - and the boat turns within 10 yards of trees at either end (that's uk wakeboarding for you!). makes for great flat water to have the shelter from wind, but is slightly restrictive in terms of space at either end. I think I'll concentrate on the middle areas of the lake for now!

Frankly as long as I don't ditch into the water i'll be happy after my first attempt.
What I know is regardless of how awesome it is I'd never risk the front low shot. Any error (pilot or equipment) or bad coordination and the guy would have his face sliced by the props.
yea... always a risk. We only film pro riders who have been on shoots with helicopters hovering behind them and are aware of the surroundings. I would never fly that close to a bunch of kids or amateurs.

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