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Inspire 2 Pro?

Dec 27, 2015
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Nashville, TN USA
I saw this headline today and couldn't help but think we have yet another version to look forward to and look at the flight time expected (7 hours?):

Seagate works with DJI to create new type of storage for drones

Get ready for a detachable hard drive instead of SSD... Don't spend too much on the SSDs now because, it looks like the next big move DJI will make is away from SSD!
Nice spot. I suspect It'd be something along the lines of NVMe storage? This technology is capable of up to 4TB of capacity off the shelf - I use several at work and they're blisteringly fast.
I can't imagine putting a spinning disk in a drone is likely to end well, especially if the drone goes down. :confused:
I was surprised to hear Sandisk was bought by Western Digital Hard Drives. My 1TB SSD M.2 card I installed in my computer last month was made by Sandisk (About $250 too.). That SSD that DJI uses looks like the clone box I used with the Sandisk M.2 card to clone the 256GB SSD onto the 1TB SSD from the end. Could well be Seagate is moving so some sort of SSD drive like the NVMe much like Western Digital/Sandisk has done.

Hopefully the 1TB DJI will be around he $250 I paid for the Sandisk too and not some $1,000 DJI number. The current DJI ones are too expensive for current storage prices.

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