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Inspire 2, Very noisy when hovering (Prop noise)

Jun 14, 2017
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Hello all,

I just got my new Inspire 2, yippee, from first flight I noticed a very strange phenomenon.
It is noisy as hell when hovering but as soon as I give it some stick like accelerate upwards it goes into "whisper mode" it is perplexing to say the least. Some articles say the Inspire 2 is quieter than a P4. This is for sure not the case with mine by a factor >2

I also noticed that when I land it and the props slow down there is a rather large vibration shaking the whole drone. I use to fly large model aircrafts and have a prop balancer but it is useless as the DJI props have no centre nore a through hole :(

Searched the web and only found the rattling red prop problem, this is not it.

Searched some more to see if I can get replacement props to get rid of the noise but that is not a reasonable solution as the out the box props should be best in my opinion.

Any recomendations?
I recieved my i2 June 6th. Thankfully I've had no prop vibrations. Real real smooth. At 1600 feet I can hear it clear as day tho!! It's an angry bee! Real sorry to hear about your problems.
when hovering, the props are in wash so there will be some noise.
when climbing the props are in clean air and there is no turbulence so the sound is much quieter.
its completely normal.

Now about your vibration issue, try different props. you may have some bad ones, or a motor or two that is out of round.
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The best props will certainly not be out of the box dji props.

If you want the best then you will need to invest in some carbon fiber props from t motor or i think xoar

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