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Inspire 5R question about SSD and clients

Oct 25, 2016
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Hey guys and gals,
I was planning on purchasing a new Inspire Pro with the Zenmuse x5R camera for a few upcoming projects. However, I was just wondering how is everybody handling getting the raw footage to clients after a shoot? My understanding is that you can only download the footage into DJI's proprietary software CineLight. . .And also the Inspire comes with only one SSD,

So, if you need to send your client the raw footage for them to edit after the shoot, . .What's the best way to make that happen?

Any insight or recommendations will be helpful. . .Thanks in advance. . .
There is no "best way to make that happen". There is not even a good way.

The footage is not accessible unless you have the DJI reader and DJI software.

So the only reasonable way to get the raw footage to your client is to extract it on your computer, copy it it to an external drive, and hand them the drive.

Some clients might be satisfied to get the low-bitrate MP4 footage from the MicroSD card, with the promise that a raw version exists somewhere.
Have your client bring you two drives of suitable size and speed to the location. If you have a busy schedule, you will need someone dedicated to the task of dumping mags in Cinelight (e.g. a DIT) while you fly. I find the process is 1:1 in terms of time (e.g. every minute of recording takes a minute to dump). Give the client both the CinemaDNG and the proxies.
I have had too many problems with the SSD to assume that it will always work on site. Maybe it's a Windows-specific problem.

I usually give them a copy of the MP4, take an external drive from them, and say, "I'll get the raw footage to you shortly."
Thanks for all the help guys. . .your responses were very helpful!!
So, what RAW format does the DJI software allow you to download the raw footage into? Is it a standard format that is universal, . . ?

How many minutes of RAW footage usually fits on the DJI SSD, before you need to upload it to your computer?

And I'm just curious, do you guys have more than one SSD? I realize that they are very pricey, . .I was just curious, if you really felt the need for an additional SSD?

Thanks again for all your input. . .I really appreciate it!
Best, Ray -
You can fit about 34 minutes on each SSD, so you definitely need more than one. They are criminally overpriced, but they are 33% off at the moment.

The raw footage is in standard Cinema DNG format, one file per frame. Most editors can handle them, but most systems can't so so at dull speed. I use Premiere Pro's create-proxy-on-ingest feature to make it tolerable
Hey Thanks for all the help. I'm hoping that I can just download the standard Cinema DNG, and upload it to a Portable HD and just give it to the clients. Hopefully, they will be familiar with editing the DNG format.

So, what size mini SD card is everyone using in the x5R and what size. . . 64mb?
If you have a windows PC, you use DJI camera explorer to transfer to Cinema DNG. You can use davinci resolve (free) to edit/color/render. You can also use their optimized media function that works like proxy mode in Premiere. This workflow actually works very well for me.

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tell client you can give it to them in the cinema raw dng... any decent computer should be able to handle that export just fine. just make sure and not commit to telling them you can give them pro res 4444 or else your computer may end up taking days for 1 card....

although you could probably make it through a lot of shoots with just 1 SSD, it would be suicide to only show up with 1.... I bring 4 to every shoot, but 2 or 3 would probably get you by most.
What's the approximately difference in file size between RAW CinemaDNG and Apple ProRes 4444 and 422 HQ? In whatever unit you like.. 1 hour, 30 minutes... but not weeks ^^

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