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Inspire Controller disassembly

Nov 13, 2013
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Little Rock, AR
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anyone curious about disassembling the controller may have issues with separating the halves. I found it less difficult to pry down on the front half & up on the back half at the bottom of the controller. Specifically in line between the 2nd & 3rd power LEDs. If you were to follow the two leds straight down to where the case halves meet there's a tab that hooks the two cases halves together & has a death grip. Hope this helps...

Got any more photos of the main board? Im seeing a lot of re-work post SMT which is a little mind scratching.
I'd have to agree konform coating seems to be hand applied, I'll take more photos shortly...

Ehh from all my trips to Asia and being on electronics manufacturing lines hand applied conformal coating isn't uncommon, its actually a preferred method as even in higher standard ISO 9001 and 9001:2005, 9001:2008, 9001:2009 and 9001:2010 standards. I will admit is looks lite and and spotty like they were in a rush. Possibly a spray pattern spec of 130mm or more could also cause that.

. I'm looking at the amount of solder re-flow work on smt components. Either they had their oven WAY too hot and have to fix a lot of unwanted bridges between components or they have a sensor going out on their P&P resulting in a lot of post hand work. Not as clean as I expected.
First - I don't have manufacturing experience but build stuff from time to time at home. I see what you mean about the conformal coating but am confused how you can spot the re-flow issue. If I may ask, what specifically do see alarming with the re-flow? My question is out of curiosity only - not accusatory. To me it looks fine and would love to know whats wrong so that I can better understand.

Thanks for the info.
It also could be a issue with the quality of the photo im seeing.

Here are a few examples related to, reflow issues, rework, layout issues causing automated soldering issues in wave solders etc resulting in post automation hand work. Lets just say this is the worst of the worse Ive seen on this piece and is not acceptable in ANY WAY for our products and the person responsible was let go.

This is an example of 100% untouched full automation SMT P&P and Top position P&P with automated soldering.


Things to look for here -

1) Smooth transitions on all contact pads to connection points on the devices
2) No discoloration anywhere on the PCB
3) smooth flow marks across the top mount P&P components
4) No bubbles or air pockets in the solder joints

These are all just examples of things to look for whenever looking at any electronics. Re-work is par for the course in the electronics industry. Most large ISO 9001 compliant manufactures have a PPM (Parts per million) or PPT (Parts per thousand) or on lower quantity really high end low volume specialty products PPT (Parts per Ten) or PPH (Parts Per Hundred) specification that if rework occurs on any quantity of products over that specification they typically revisit the layout, design, assembly equipment etc as re-work is labor and labor even in China is going up more and more and 999 out of 1000 times the rework quality is poorer than any automated process and on technically sensitive products can also compromise the performance and reliability of the final product.
Thank you very much for taking the time to reply. Very much appreciated and valued.

I sold my Iris+ but when I had it, I opened up 3DR radio controller to put in backlight mod I was not impressed w/ PCB quality myself patchy work at some spots.

Does Inspire radio controller have LiFe or LiPo battery inside?
Per a special post request I give you ....


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