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INSPIRE For Sale $2400, LIKE NEW (Rev D, Single Controller)

May 7, 2015
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DJI Inspire (Rev D, latest model) in mint condition, $2400

Has only flown ~3 times. Battery has been charged 1-2 times. This entire set is practically brand new and all factory accessories are still wrapped in original plastic. Has not been updated to latest firmware (I can either ship as is or can update it for you- your choice.)

Still under warranty and will include original purchase receipts from authorized DJI vendor. Located in Miami, FL.

Includes all original equipment in the box:
  • DJI Inspire (Rev D)
  • Gimbal camera + ND Filter
  • Remote Controller, 1x
  • TB47 battery, 1x
  • Charger (1) cables and accessories, user manuals, etc.
  • 16GB Lexar MicroSD HC I memory card
  • Quick release props in unopened packing (8-props total)
  • Micro-USB Cables, 2x
  • Remote Control Harness
  • Case for Camera/Gimbal
  • DJI Hard Carrying Case

Purchased it for a video gig. Right arm suffered a minor fracture during landing. I sent this one to DJI repairs and bought a new one to finish the gig. This Inspire is fresh out of DJI and has been tested by them and myself. All the accessories included with this one are from the brand new Inspire I purchased 2 days later (I kept using this Inspire's accessories and left the 2nd one's untouched for when I put this one up for sale.)

Also listed on eBay, but figured I'd offer it here at a lower price since I'd have to pay 10% commission to eBay. I'd rather pass the savings on to a fellow enthusiast.

Can be reached either by PM or at my email [email protected]


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