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Inspire in Thunderstorm

Ohh, please, try it! We´ll love to see it.
To don´t get you unpreppared, I flew mine on a pre thunderstorm and LOTS os raindrops hit the drone.
100% perfect. 2 weekes and 10 flights ago.
Have not flown in a thunderstorm, but my Phantom 2 sat 25m up a tree for almost 2 weeks and through three thunderstorms. It survived and fly properly.

But if you're flying through the storm, there probably are an overwhelming risk of being hit by lightning, if not swept along by the winds or shorted.

I would try.. :)
Freedom of Choice! Know the Risks and your surroundings should all fail... I took my phantom to one of my hotspots last May during a Tornado Warning.. Long story short, understand storm headings and monitor rain and wind... Yes, risks are worth great footage, but the tornado warning was lifted and just had a spectacular light show.. Had allot of interference on my monitor and I had landed it to be on the safe side... Good Luck, Know the Risk, and Fly safely...

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