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Inspire Insureance

Hey guys, just thought I'd mention that I found a company willing to cover the Inspire 1 with total loss coverage due to damage as well as liability up to one million. I plan on still shopping around but the cost for this policy is around 100$ a month from http://www.traversaviation.com/

I plan on looking into AIG Insureance next.

I just got a quote from http://www.aerialpak.com/ It to is about the same. Not sure who I will go thru, but I am definitely getting insurance. Thanks for your information. LMK what you get from AIG
The best service and rates i have found came through Highland Aviation Insurance, www.highlandinsagcy.com
we have several of our UAV's (we are in the business) insured through them, policies are written through Global Aerospace that has pioneered a policy with Highlands to suit most needs and budgets. Great service too which is important to us.
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At the risk of sounding like a total dolt, :confused: would anyone here be willing to help me fill out an insurance application, please? Some of the questions they're asking are not clear to me, as I am new to RCing and flying multi-rotors (flying anything for that matter).


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