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Inspire not keeping altitude when flying fast

May 20, 2014
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I fly for some time and still have a problem when flying with the Inspire.
When i hover the altitute keeps on what i set to do.
But when i go on full/half speed the inspire is lowering to the ground it is not staying to altitute i set in the pilot app.
So need manualy adjust it so i nog get down to te ground.

Is this just the telemetry unit i need to checkup, did already calibrate unit many times but not helping.

This is a normal flight characteristic as the upward lift in forward motion is lowered due to the angle of the propellers (at constant throttle). Nothing to worry about but yes, you need to adjust throttle to maintain the same altitude.
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If it helps at all, I'm mostly at sea level and, so far, never had to correct altitude when flying straight at any speed, in GPS or Atti. Going to monitor this extra next time.
On fast speed changes it typically dips a little at first then slowly gets back up where it should.
I've never really had issues in gps mode other than maybe a foot or so and it recovers it but it does lose significant altitude in atti mode, especially at full forward speed.
The thing here also is i fly for example at 4 meter high, going full speed and than drone getting lower at 2 meter(Visual ...).
So when i want to get Drone again on 4 meter than on my Tab it is 6 meter high.
Somehow when drone getter lower the data on tab is not adjusted also.

But will calibrate hole unit lets see if this helping.
Those stats aren't really accurate anyway, they are loosely based on your take off spot and have no bearing on actual height or distance from the ground. It's intended to be a rough estimate for your amusement not a accurate measurement to trust when flying. Always maintain visual of your craft when flying low or near other objects.
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