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Inspire Pro 1 v2 Also Osmo Stuff for Sale - Will Part Out

Jun 20, 2016
Location - UK (London)
All currency is - GBP

Selling my Inspire 1 v2 setup and some Osmo stuff.

Happy to part out. PM me and let me know what you want.

DJI Z-Axis Osmo Pro/RAW - £120

DJI Osmo X3/Pro/RAW Handle (inc phone holder and lead for external battery plus 1 x TB47) - £300

DJI Inspire 1 v2 Pro (Inc - X5 Camera without lens; 2 x TB47*; 4 x TB48* (all recently deep cycled to ensure they are okay and maintained); Dual Controllers; FPV; 2 Pairs Used and 4 Pairs Unused Props; 4 way Charging Hub; 100W and 180W Chargers; 1 harness)
Flown for approximately 10 hours, no hard landings or crashes - £2800

DJI X5R Camera (no microSD card, no lens) with standard package contents (Inc 1 x SSD Reader, 1 x USB cable and 1 x 512GB SSD). Just got this back from DJI under warranty replacement so this is a brand new camera. - £1750

DJI X5R SSD x 2 (hardly used, about 2 or 3 times) - £450 each

Full set T-Motor CF Props (14x4.8) including quick relase adapters (there is a very small chip at the end of one of them, doesn't effect flyingf at all) - £75

Battery mod Power Adaptor Ver 2 with LED - £30

* Battery charge cycles:
TB47's - Battery 1 - 17; Battery 2 - 15;
TB48's - Battery 3 - 15; Battery 4 - 10; Battery 5 - 10; Battery 6 - 9
All have been kept at room temperature since I have had them and I have had no issues.

All prices exclude shipping so we will need to add that on the purchase price once I know where you are. I will send insured for the more costly items.
I2 is for collection only due to batteries (I may consider meeting half way depending on where you are).

I upgraded the bearings in the I1 motors to the BOCA ceramic ones. I have been flying with them since last year sometime and have had no issues. There was a noticeable improvement when I did this from the stock bearings.

Ask questions.


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