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"Inspired" Today

Jul 4, 2015
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Just received my new Inspire today (version D) and looking forward to getting it set up.
I'm certain I will be reaching out with many questions. To begin, does anyone have any checklists that they created to use for the field? I appreciate your assistance. Thanks, TPM
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Hey brother. .
welcome to inspirepilots.com. ...
Try a search for pre flight check list and you can see if there's one that works for you...
I have a mental check list i do..lol...
I make sure all of my batteries are fully charged including my tracker and strobe light etc..
once I'm at the site I'll start up my shield then rc then ac..
I'll let it warm up for a second or two then I'll turn on my screen recoding device and then check mod values and make sure the directional pointers are pointing the right direction. .
if everything looks good I'll take off and fly out about 100 feet and 100 foot altitude then check my rth function. ..
When it starts to fly home I'll cancel the rth.
then it's all good to go ...
happy flying. ..
turbo. ...
Good advice from turbodronepilot. I usually do all that and upon take off only go up about 15 ft hover and check all stick commands, pitch roll and yaw and also listen for any funky unfamiliar sounds. I dont use RTH for I always have a visual of my ship, and fly as much as I can in ATTI mode.

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