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Is the Inspire expensive? Really?

Jul 23, 2014
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I'm wondering why so many people thing of the Inspire as expensive. Obviously, pricing is relative. A $2800 chocolate bar is expensive, but a $2800 pick up truck is cheap.

My first drone (A draganfly) was over $20K, and paid for itself in 3 months. My next was a Cinestar for $9K, plus a $2K NEX Camera. For what it does, $2800 or even $3500 for the Inspire seems very inexpensive to me. My first betacam was $40K. Now I can get a great HD Camera for under $10K. My first laserprinter was $6000. Now, I can get one that's COLOR and WIFI for around $150.

Personally, I think the Inspire is very inexpensive... I think that, considering the issues that were completely predicted by just about anyone who's owned DJI before (and were heavily talked about pre-release on the forums)...anyone who feels the Inspire is expensive should really hold off on buying until the next release.

As has been said before... if you can't afford to see it crash, don't buy it... Not the nicest sentiment, but sage advice...



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It's certainly relatively inexpensive! But I still think most people consider $3000 of anything "a lot of money."
While I could afford more than one if I wanted at this point in my life, I still wouldn't want to crash one :)
From what I've seen, only a couple of people have considered it 'expensive' as in overpriced, most just mean "a lot of money."

I also think many people don't realize how we've come a long way - that timeline was interesting to me.

I never got one, but I lusted after this JVC GR-HD1 camcorder for a while, back when 720p was first starting to come into homes. (I've always wanted to make professional videos that looked like TV/movies). It released for $3500 back in 2003.
You can get a 4K camera - something like 6x the resolution, not to mention the other improvements (zoom, etc) - for the same price.

I think it's definitely important to keep perspective about what you're paying for.
It's certainly relatively inexpensive! But I still think most people consider $3000 of anything "a lot of money."

Really? Is $3000 for a truck expensive? How about $3000 for College Tuition? $3000 for a Condo? There really is no such thing as '$3000 of anything'...


Sure, $3000 for a truck is relatively inexpensive. What I said was that $3000 itself is, for most people, 'a lot of money.'
Put another way: I can leave my house with $30 in my pocket and not think anything of it. I would be very nervous with $3000 in there.

There's a big difference in context here that doesn't contradict your point, which if you read the last line of my original message, I ultimately agree with. :)
From that point of view, I guess I agree... I just don't really think there is such as thing as "$3000 itself". There's always a context, whether it's in a wallet, or in a bank, or in a vault....



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