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Is the latest Inspire 2 firmware stable enough to update? (Firmware 01.02.0100 from Nov '17 vers)

Mar 7, 2016
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Hi everyone,

I'm a commercial operator based in NI in the UK.

I've been flying on the November 2017 firmware and have been having a few issues recently - disconnecting iPad, 1 instance of a complete signal drop, 2 instances of unresponsive gimbal during 2 person operation.

I was going to update to the latest (i.e.
  • Date: 2018.04.18
  • Aircraft Firmware: V01.02.0100
  • Remote Controller Firmware: V01.01.0010)
but before doing so I wanted to hear from the users of this forum because initially there had been some reports of landing gear now operating correctly and signal degrading at shorter distances.

Can anyone weigh in on their experience? Worth the update? Any specific issues?

I'm hesitant because you can't downgrade from this version so I don't want to update, encounter issues and then not be able to revert back.

Many thanks.
Jan 16, 2017
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Short answer is no, I would not update to that version...

but as luck would have it this came out today and it "says" it fixed all the things I was going to tell you as reasons why to avoid it... I would wait a few days and see what people say:

Inspire 2 Release Notes
Inspire 2–Power Beyond Imagination
Copyright © 2017 DJI All Rights Reserved. 1
Date: 2018.07.18 Aircraft Firmware: V01.02.0200 Remote Controller Firmware: V01.01.0020 DJI GO 4 app: iOS V 4.2.22 or above, Android V 4.2.21 or above
What's New?
Added support for Apple ProRes RAW and Apple ProRes RAW HQ when using CINESSD for Zenmuse X7. 
Updated CINESSD’s file system from FAT32 to exFAT. After the firmware update, FAT32 must be manually formatted in order to update to exFAT. 
Fixed an issue in ProRes videos where the color is abnormal when the white balance value is higher than 8000K. 
Optimized aircraft hovering performance in low altitude (below 8m) indoor when the ambient light conditions are sufficient. 
Improved flight stability by optimizing the compass data fusion algorithm for flight at high latitude. 
Updated Flight Safe system. User can now unlock various flight restrictions. After the update, users must re-import the unlocking certificate.
The unlocking certificate requires the approval of the relevant local aviation authorities. For more information, please contact flysafe@dji.com. 
Fixed an issue where gimbal pan rotates when switching flight modes.
Added function that uses the LS and RS levels to adjust the maximum gimbal rotation speed for Cendence (Cendence version 02.00.0120 is required). 
Added function to customizable buttons. Added gimbal pitch auto return to center and turn downward 90° (Cendence version 02.00.0120, Inspire 2 standard remote controller version 01.01.0020, and DJI GO 4 app version of 4.2.24* or above are required).  Updated the battery firmware to version (the same as the Matrice 200 series).
*Coming soon.

There is a thread that looks started to talk about this firmware located here:

Potential bug in firmware v01.01.0200
Jul 4, 2017
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I never had a problem with firmware V01.02.0100. Disconnecting I Pad happened to me quite often, but this is due to a firmware bug. Since I have IOS 11.4.1 problem solved
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Oct 22, 2017
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Champaign Illinois and Titusville Florida
I may have had a problem with the upgrade, but I am putting it out as a heads up of a possible problem.

I upgraded my Cendence Controller, all batteries, Inspire 2, X5S gimbal, X4S gimbal and a CrystalSky Monitor ultra to the latest software released on July 18, 2018.

I observed that the X5's gimbal [which I just received from DJI 3 days ago] reset to -13° instead of zero.
However, the X4S gimbal reset correctly.

I calibrated the IMU and the compass.

I reverted to the old firmware and the X5S Gimbal continued to reset to -13°.
I updated to the new firmware again and got the same result.
Then for good measure I refreshed the update and got the same result.

I don't know if this is a firmware problem or a defective X5S gimbal.
May 6, 2015
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Seems quite a lot of people having issues with the .200 firmware - rolled back mine, please see the other post which was recently renamed by moderator to include version no.

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