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jerky video

Jun 14, 2015
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What are the best camera settings to try for smooth video recording ? My on screen picture while flying is also jerky.
Actually I am getting jumpy video intermittently. It doesn't seem to be related to camera settings (FPS) it seems more like a connectivity issue.
There have been a number of posts regarding replacing the USB cables provided by DJI with higher quality ones. I haven't had a problem with the out-of-the-box cables, but others apparently have.

Your tablet / phone may also be underpowered for the live video feed, or you may need to give the Pilot app more resources. I have an Nvidia Shield, and had a problem with laggy video (not jerkiness, though). With some research, I found the default power configuration was "conserve battery", which didn't enable the full power of the tablet. Using the APP tab under Settings => Shield Power Controls, I set the Pilot app to a Customer power configuration: enable all four cores, 100% processor frequency, turn off Frame Rate Limit, use Native resolution rendering and turn off optimizing system memory. I also set the Battery Saver mode to only come on when the battery is down to 15%: the default was 75%, which meant the tablet went into Battery Saver mode too quickly and the app performance suffered.

The live stream you're getting on the app/monitor is not representative of what you're recording on the card. Lag/jerkiness will vary constantly due to RF transmission characteristics.

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