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Just a test Flight

Jan 12, 2015
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First time flying that wasn't just a test flight to get my bearings of things. I'm still working on fine piloting but I thought I'd post a little short. Just one raw uninterrupted sequence.
Nice flying. .looks like you're a pro.. but if i could give you a nickles worth of free advice It would to be very careful flying around trees ..it sucks to hit them.. haha..
So I'm guessing you received your Inspire recently, right? Did you find any issues or are you satisfied with it? With luck, I'll get mine by lunch today!
About a couple of weeks ago. I haven't had much time to fly it since I've been at work but so far it's been ok. I have spent about 6 hours of flight time close to the ground just to learn how she responds and handles in low and high winds. This is the fourth time I took her up this high, and the first that was not in an open field.

To be honest I love it. I fly manual the whole time so no auto take off or landing (still in GPS mode though) and I think as long as you're cautious the bird is a fantastic thing of beauty.
Also turbo I would love to say I'm a pro but the Inspire is my first quadcopter that was not a small little Parrot.

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